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About Creators

Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, photographer

1978 graduated MgA. from FAMU, Film Academy of Arts, Prague

Ladislav is well-known Slovak film and TV director, has made over 60 films and TV projects, many of which have won festival prizes at both at home and abroad

Selected works by Ladislav Kabos:

Debut, appreciated by several festival juries
a film music movie of the most popular Slovakian singer Marika Gombitova, undefeated by serious car accident
JUST A DREAM, Czech Television 1988, a musical movie with the star of Czech pop music I. Bartosova
THE MYSTERY OF GREGORIAN CHANTS, Madacy Canada 1995, music poem
CURRICULUM VITAE, Czech Television, 1999 – 2001
Series of true-life stories, 38 parts, produced by MEDIA FILM


OVERSHADOWED, TV Markiza 1996 – 2000, series of fascinating coming-out stories “Just One Day More “, TV Markiza 1997
Journalist Association Award for the best project of the year 1997 - Golden Olive, Grand prize - International Film Festival, Montenegro.
THE MYSTERY OF THE TATRAS MOUNTAINS, 1999, multivision project for High Tatras National Park, Best Slovak Film Award - Tourfilm Festival, Bratislava
HELL BEGINS WHERE HOPE ENDS, Czech Television, 2003,
VOX HUMANA Award for best film of the year
PEOPLE OF THE BORDER, Slovak Television, 2004
Literary Fund Prize for best film of the year.

, Czech Television, 2007
Honorary distinction at the FITES Trilobit award-giving ceremony for 2008                                                                              

Kabos’ last creative documentary Modern Architecture of Slovakia -Slovak Television 2008, shows the changes of modern architecture during the course of the eventful decades of the 20th century, whereupon it reflects the important historical moments regarding the birth of modern Slovakia. Artistic camera work presents the architecture in a yet unprecedented form. Unique, extraordinary, long-form, observational shots discover the beauty of architectonic works in the way that has not been used yet. It was the first Slovak documentary filmed and finished in FULL HD Technology.
Awarded the prestigious main prize IGRIC 2008 for the Best Creative Documentary in Slovakia as well as many other prizes.

More information: www.mediafilm.sk


producer, scriptwriter and TV director

graduated from Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague
1983 Master’s Degree in History, Phil. Doc.

1985 - 1991
editor, later editor-in-chief for the department of educational programs for children, Czechoslovak Television Bratislava, Slovak Republic
1990 founder and director of the publishing house and holding companies of ARCADIA Ent. Group
1991 founder and president of the international company AWIKA (SK, CZ, H, A), producer of series Treasury of Classical Music, Canada – Switzerland, The Mystery of Gregorian Chants
1999 independent scriptwriter, TV director and producer
2005 co-founder, producer and managing director of MEDIA FILM, Ltd.
producer of „The Man Who Changed Shanghai“, MEDIA FILM 2010


producer - more then 40 videos and film realises, 25 music realises
Radio scriptwriter, speaker - more then 500 programs
series „Healing sounds“, Good morning“, Czech republic,  Help-line“, „Mystery“ in Slovakia
TV scriptwriter  - more then 100 programs, Czechoslovak Television, Slovenska filmova tvorba, Czech television, Slovak television, TV Markiza
series „The Magic World of Animals“, co production ARD – Slovak Television (1987-9)
TV and film director - more then 60 projects

Selected works:
documentaries „Rhombifer“ ,1988, „Attention sex!“, 1990, „Who is Kristina Royova?“ 1991, Czechoslovak Television, 
series „Overshadowed“- TV Markiza Slovakia (1996-2003), series „Curriculum vitae“, Czech Television (1999-2000),), Saints and Witnesses – Czech Television (2008 – 2009), series The Way of Faith – Czech Television (2000-2010)
writer – The Secret Way to  the Victory, Gutenberg, Prague 2003

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